The Price of Insulin has Skyrocketed-You don’t want to waste it.

Diabetes is not only a chronic disease that has become a global epidemic, but it is now the most expensive chronic condition in the United States today.  
One of the reasons for the costly nature of diabetes is the huge increase in the cost of insulin; one of the most effective treatments for patients with diabetes. It has been a growing problem; leaving many patients to ration insulin, which is a very dangerous proposition.
 There has been recent legislation to try to get the cost of insulin lowered, prompting many drug companies to lower prices and provide support for those patients who are unable to afford the high price.
 Since insulin has become more expensive and valuable; it of the utmost importance to take care of it properly. You take care of your expensive clothes, your car, and many things you feel need to be in optimal working condition. It seems that another thing we need to pay attention to has gotten overlooked; your insulin. (1)

Did you know that up to 25 percent of insulin users are not storing it properly? 

 If insulin is not stored correctly; it can rapidly lose its’ potency and ultimately its’ ability to control your blood sugars properly.
This can lead to having to dispose of insulin that is no longer effective. How many times have you had to discard insulin pens that don’t seem to be as effective as they should be? Besides the danger of using insulin that is not effective; what is the cost of wasting insulin products that are no longer any good?
Let’s make a supposition. I have two sons with diabetes; and frequently had to throw away insulin pens that seemed ineffective. This may have been because they were placed in a locker or backpack, with an ice pack or cooler that gradually lost the ability to keep the insulin “safe”. I would say over the course of a year, I have had to dispose of over 46 insulin pens!! (That number could be higher) (2) 

Now, for the fun of it:

let’s do a little calculation. At this time, depending on what type of insulin you use, the cost of a box of five insulin pens can range between 50-200 dollars. (This can vary with insurance, etc.), If I lost about 9 boxes of insulin yearly through insulin that has gone bad; I will have lost between 450-1800 dollars! In addition, I may have actually lost more, because my insurance company possibly did not authorize a refill of insulin based on what they thought was overuse.

Enter the ViViCap1; the solution to ensuring your insulin stays safe and effective. With just a small investment of under 100 dollars; you can potentially save thousands of dollars over the life of your ViViCap. The science is real! Protect one of your most precious valuable investments; the one responsible for your health.

VIVICAP1 is the world’s first and only pen cap temperature shield. 
It keeps your insulin free from the harmful effects brought about by external temperatures working for years without need for your attention.
Because proper insulin storage is critical, VIVICAP1 uses a revolutionary technology that makes sure your insulin is protected from harmful effects of every day ambient temperatures, that might cause it to lose its effectiveness, providing you peace of mind.
As the journal mentioned, “There is a lack of recent studies, scientific literature, and public information on insulin stability under different storage conditions.”
Best of all, VIVICAP1 not only fits perfectly in your pocket, it is also extremely easy to use as you can bring it with you anywhere you go!
With VIVICAP1, you need not worry about accidental exposure of your insulin to extreme ambient temperatures that might damage it.

This means whether you're out in the hot sunny weather or in the cold winter day, your insulin stays safe.
So if you want to escape the life-changing effects of bad insulin, and live a life free of worries with a return to normalcy, then proper insulin storage is the only way to go.
And who else can do it better but VIVICAP1.

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