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Last Mile Temperature Management

The TempraMed solutions are based on a patented technology that combines a unique insulation and heat absorbing materials monitored and controlled by a customized designed electronics system. TempraMed has developed the first technology of it’s kind that meets the requirements for last mile control for pharmaceuticals. 

Control and management

Transferred into the hands of the patients.

Life Saving

Poor control and storage of medications causes damage, resulting in loss of lives.


Medications are protected for years.


No maintenance, batteries or charge is required


By having their medications safely with them all the time patients avoid dosage non-compliance


Get VIVI Cap: Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case

  • Scientifically proven to protect insulin from overheating or freezing
  • Works every day for years with no maintenance
  • Built-in temperature sensor with easy to read temperature indicator
  • Small & lightweight - fits in your purse or pocket
  • No need for water, ice packs, refrigeration or battery charging

For ALL Pens

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Coming Soon

VIVI Box: Multiple Injector Storage and Protection

Fridge Box for multiple injectors - maintains 46.4° F protects drugs from freezing.

VIVI Vial: Vial Storage and Protection

Stores and protects medications in vials from overheating and freezing.

VIVI Vial 8C: Vial Temperature Maintenance

Protects and Maintains drugs in vials at 46.4° F for up to 24 hours in every climate and temperature.

VIVI Cool 8C: Drug Storage and Protection

Maintains drugs at 46.4° F for up to 24 hours in every climate and temperature.

VIVI Cap Smart: Connected Insulin Storage and Protection

Includes ‘on-board’ insulin use tracking for diabetes management and control.

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