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TempraMed is filling an unmet need for people who inject medications and would like to live their lives spontaneously and with less hassles.

VIVI Cap 1 is the only scientifically validated, reusable insulin pen replacement cap that maintains the insulin in the pen at proper “use” temperatures every day, preventing insulin degradation while users carry the insulin with them. The VIVI Cap enables people with diabetes to travel - to go anywhere without any worries about damaging their insulin because of cold or hot temperature. Studies have shown improper storage during use degrades the potency of insulin, puts patients at risk and can cost lives.

We are seeking highly experienced distributor partners with proven track records of successfully selling and marketing international brands in selected countries.

Join us in achieving something truly remarkable by bringing VIVI to the masses and getting the word out regarding insulin temperature safety.

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Brenda Zeitlin, VP Marketing

TempraMed Inc.

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