Protecting medications in order to save lives

Enabling people whose lives depend on medications, to live life spontaneously and with less hassles

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By using patented, unique space grade technology, VIVI provides solutions to the century old problem - keeping medications at their optimal temperatures in both hot and cold environments.


VIVI Cap: Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case for all insulin pens. Keeps insulin protected from extreme temperatures - maintenance and hassle free. 



VIVI Epi EpiPen® Temperature Shield giving people with allergies the peace of mind that their Epinephrine is protected from temperatures and light, so it will do the job when needed.


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Protect Your Medication And Stay Safe

Medication can be temperature sensitive and can degrade and become ineffective when kept incorrectly in improper temperatures. 

Meet the world’s first solution that is compact, FDA registered medical device, works, and protects medications for years, completely hassle-free- so it releases you to do whatever you wish spontaneously. Your VIVI pen temperature shield goes wherever you go.

Our Solution 

How does VIVI protect medications? 

Using patented, unique space technology, VIVI Cap provides a solution to a century old problem- keeping medications at their optimal temperatures in both hot and cold environments. 

VIVI lasts for years- it is always ready when your are. No ice, bags or chargers.

Freedom at last!


Together We Can Change Lives

For every purchase you make, we will donate towards JDRF research, Tempramed are proud to have partnered with the JDRF to join in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes.

Meet VIVI Cap

World's first..

Scientifically proven and highly recommended by thousands of happy customers to protect insulin from overheating or freezing. 

  • Works 24/7/365 for years with absolutely no maintenance required
  • Small and lightweight – fits in your purse or pocket
  • Simple to use with built in temperature indicator

Say goodbye to those ice packs, and heavy insulin coolers.
No need for battery charging. 

Prefilled insulin pens

Multi-Model for all insulin pens

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Our Solution 

Current and Future Products

VIVI Cap: Insulin Temperature Management

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VIVI Epi: Storage and Protection for Epinephrine Auto injectors and Other CRT Pens

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VIVI Box: Multiple Injector Storage and Protection

Coming soon...

VIVI Vial: Vial Storage and Protection

Coming soon...

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We created VIVI because we believe that everyone deserves better.

TempraMed’s Founder and CEO Ron Nagar. When a renowned physician approached him and explained the unmet need of medication temperature protection. Ron was astounded to find that drugs are carefully kept at proper temperatures from the time of manufacturing up until they are stored in the pharmacy, but once they leave this controlled environment, they are being used by hundreds of millions of patients without maintaining such proper temperature conditions. After years of developing the technology, Ron founded TempraMed in the belief that patients deserve to have safe medications.

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