The Challenge

The last mile challenge of the cold supply chain

Injectable pharmaceuticals have strict temperature storage indications. Temperature control is required from the manufacturer until the end of use but it is only strictly controlled until it reaches the pharmacy.

Improper storage during use degrades the potency of pharmaceuticals, put patients at risk and can cost lives.

Temperature Sensitive Drugs

50% of new drug products registered by the FDA in 2018 are temperature sensitive.

Pharmaceutical products worth hundreds of billions of dollars are exposed to temperatures that might damage their potency and risk lives while in use by patients.

Last Mile Requirements

The unmet need for last mile medical storage solutions

Reliable and trustworthy

Long active time every day use, without maintenance

Easy to operate

Small and lightweight

Reusable and durable

Safe Zone

How to make sure that insulin is kept in the safe zone while taking it with you everywhere every day?

VIVI Cap keeps your insulin in the Safe Zone by using the same technology that was originally developed for spacecraft and avionics.

Absorbing Material

The Activity of the Heat Absorbing Material

Graphical time and temperature representation when exposed every day to 100°F during daylight time – Insulin temp will not get above the safe zone limit temperature – without any need for user intervention or preparations


How does VIVI Cap keep insulin always in the Safe Zone?

TempraMed's patented technology combines space grade thermal insulation with self regenerative heat absorbing material and monitoring electronics to form the first protective storage solution for pharmaceuticals that is hassle free and last for years.

Cutting Edge

Innovative, Patented Technology for Temperature Monitoring and Protection

The cutting edge space grade insulation is used in spacecraft, avionics, cryotherapy and other demanding applications. The heat absorbing activity is guaranteed to perform every day for years on end without requiring any user intervention. The monitoring electronics provides intuitive indication of the temperature of the medication. No need for battery or charging

8:00 AM - 20:00 PM

Day Time

During the day light time, heat is blocked by the insulation and absorbed by the PCM

20:00 PM - 8:00 AM

Night Time

At night-time, absorbed heat is spontaneously released back to the ambient and the PCM regains its absorbing capacity

Temperature Status Indicator

VIVI Cap is the only temperature storage and monitoring pen cap device

With built in insulin temperature indicator that checks temperature status by simply pressing and releasing the sensor button. The temperature sensor indicator will turn on for just a few seconds to show insulin temperature status : Green means insulin has been kept at the required temperature.

Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case

VIVI Cap storage and monitoring insulin pen cap for ALL Pens

VIVI Cap protects insulin from overheating and freezing 24/7/365 days a year. It is scientifically validated and FDA registered. No maintenance or special preparation is needed! Includes insulin temperature indicator - is small and lightweight fits right in your pocket. Lasts for years with unlimited daily use.

The first to market product that meets ALL last mile requirements

Pharmaceuticals are carefully managed and controlled from their point of production up to and while in pharmacies or hospitals. This control is abandoned once these medications are released to the patients, provoking their safety and threatening their lives. TempraMed has developed the first temperature storage control technology that is small, lightweight and maintenance free... moving all the control into the hands of the patients.

As a clinician and clinical investigator concerned about better treatments for diabetes, the VIVI Cap is of particular benefit for my patients who require insulin shots, as the vast majority of patients use insulin pens for their daily injections.

Scientific Validation

VIVI Cap Clinical Evidence

In a scientific monitored experiment, even when exposed to temperatures of over 100° F for over 12 hours -VIVI Cap was found to be superior to the other tested conditions with respect to stabilizing insulin aspart during storage under extreme temperature conditions. The device provides an easy to use solution for maintaining insulin efficacy under daily life conditions. (Pfützner et al. ATTD Feb 2018).

Potency Test

Insulin potency 5 day test study

Insulin Aspart without protection was shown to have more than 2% impurities already after one day, while it took 2 days for the pens in the alternative devices. The pens with VIVI Cap did not reach this level of impurities during the experiment (0.5% after 5 days). High molecular weight products >1% occurred after two days without protection, three days with the alternative device, but no high molecular weight products were seen in the pens protected with VIVI Cap.

Our Solutions

By using patented, unique space grade technology, VIVI provides solutions to the century old problem - keeping medications at their optimal temperatures in both hot and cold environments.


VIVI Cap: Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case for all insulin pens. Keeps insulin protected from extreme temperatures - maintenance and hassle free. 



VIVI Epi EpiPen® Temperature Shield giving people with allergies the peace of mind that their Epinephrine is protected from temperatures and light, so it will do the job when needed.

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