VIVI Cap: Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case

Keeps your insulin at the exact right temperature, even in extreme heat or cold. Get back the Spontaneity of going anywhere, everywhere, worry free. Works with ANY insulin pen and interchangeable between pens.

VIVI Cap is designed to give you your freedom back!

Protect against extreme heat and cold

Works for years 24/7/365

Fits ALL pens & interchangeable

No batteries, charging, water or ice packs ever needed!

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Free Protective Cap With Every Order

For extra protection

2 years



30 Days Money
Back Guarantee

Protect Your Insulin And Stay Safe

VIVI Cap protects you and your insulin from damage due to unsafe temperatures, everyday for years.

For every new insulin pen you use, you can replace the pen cap with your VIVI Cap - for immediate protection

Protects against
heat and cold

Small &

Lasts for years
without maintenance

to use


Storing Insulin in Use

Insulin in use that is exposed to temperatures above 86°F or below freezing can be damaged and unsafe. This can result in fluctuating glucose levels and can be life threatening.

Get Back Your Freedom and Spontaneity

Never cancel or change plans because of anxiety around insulin storage. VIVI Cap is always ready to go, and doesn't need charging or maintenance!


Don't let your diabetes keep you away from your favorite sport.


Take your insulin with you on a plane, boat or trek.


Your insulin is with you at work; wherever and whenever you need it.


Fits in your school
bag or pocket.

Patented Technology Developed for Space

Patented technology developed for space and clinically validated in scientific trials. Keeps insulin stable and safe in all temperatures and climates.

  • No charging needed -- ever
  • No need for cooling packs, ice, or refrigeration
  • Always ready to go (no maintenance needed)
  • Protects against heat, cold, direct light, and drops
  • Lasts for years

How it works


Replace original 

Remove original insulin pen cap and replace it with the VIVI Cap


Push to click 

Push down the insulin pen into the VIVI Cap and Click


Green light for temperature assurance.

You’re good to go! Your insulin is protected 24/7/ 365 for years.

Expert Reviews

TempraMed is Backed by Healthcare Professionals

VIVI Cap Reviews

every time

As unlikely as it may seem, this product works as described! I have used it for a while now, and it has never failed to keep the insulin pen below higher temperatures that degrade the insulin.

Lior (T1D)

Verified Buyer

The best thing
for me!

Whether working out at home, or at the gym, the VIVI CAP is a must have to keep my insulin at a controlled temperature. Don’t leave the house without it!! Highly recommended to anyone who needs to keep their insulin in the car or even in a hot gym locker for hours at a time!

Mark Sloane (T1D)

Verified Buyer

It works and
I Absolutely Love it

When there are extreme heat waves here in my country, the VIVI Cap just saves me! It helps me keep my insulin at a normal temperature. Highly recommended!

Aviva Domein (T1D)

Verified Buyer

Thousands of happy customers

and counting

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