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How to Make Sure Your EpiPen is Safe and Effective if Ever Needed

Most of us have heard of an EpiPen®, having had to carry one ourselves, or know someone who has needed to carry one because of having a severe allergy to things they may come in contact with such as bees, certain foods, or even a product/chemical allergy. The response to the allergen can cause closing of the airways, and fluid buildup in the body, leading to serious consequences and even death if not treated right away.

Always review the instructions for use that accompany your EpiPen, especially if it’s a brand-new prescription-so you, and more importantly, your family members and/or friends know how to use it in case you are not able to.  Educate those around you to be aware of the signs and symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as a sudden all over rash, dizziness, shortness of breath, and swelling.   It is important to note the injection can work if given through clothing as well.  In the case of a severe allergic response, time is of the essence in getting the medication to help counteract it.

The EpiPen is injected into the thigh -and you will hear a click when the pen is firmly pushed against it.  Count slowly for three seconds before removing the pen, and gently rub the area for 10 seconds. The EpiPen is for a SEVERE anaphylactic reaction, and will work well.  Go over how to know when to use the pen with your health care team. After using an EpiPen, you should always get checked out by a medical team to be sure the allergic response doesn’t accelerate again, and to monitor vital signs like blood pressure.

The important fact you may not be aware of however, is that the epinephrine is quite sensitive to temperature extremes and direct sunlight.  Where exposed to high or extremely low temperatures, the pen may be damaged-and therefore no longer effective.  Since the pen treats a life-threatening condition, the effectiveness of the active ingredient is of utmost importance. The EpiPen works best when kept at temperatures of 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit.  Since you need your EpiPen with you constantly -as a rule, you will most likely have times when the heat or cold is excessive, and may cause damage to the lifesaving medication in your pen.

The last thing you want, is an ineffective injection.  It is also important to note that you should nor store your EpiPen in the refrigerator, since this may damage the injector mechanism.  The best way to protect your life-saving EpiPen is with our TempraMed’s newest product about to be launched the VIVI Epi epinephrine temperature shield.  

The VIVI Epi uses the same patented space grade technology used in the VIVI Cap insulin temperature shield. The technology is scientifically validated and recommended by health care professionals and users all over the globe.

VIVI Epi is a hassle free EpiPen storage case that keeps epinephrine safe from extreme temperatures 24/7/365 everywhere and anywhere.

Here at TempraMed your safety is our main concern, which is why the VIVI Epi was created. VIVI Epi is currently available here  - dont miss the great deal when purchasing two VIVI Epis.








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