Hygieia and TempraMed Announce Innovative Partnership

Jan 18, 2024 | BooksBusiness

LIVONIA, Mich.  Jan. 17, 2024  PRLog — In a groundbreaking move, TempraMed, a leader in advanced temperature-based pharmaceutical storage solutions, and Hygieia, a pioneer in autonomous insulin management, have announced a strategic partnership. This relationship brings the cutting-edge technologies of both companies to a much broader audience, helping more people simplify and more effectively manage their diabetes care.

TempraMed has been at the forefront of technological innovation with its flagship product, the VIVI Cap. This lightweight, reusable insulin pen cap represents a significant leap forward in diabetes care. VIVI Cap is changing how people manage their diabetes medication.

Hygieia’s d-Nav® technology is the first FDA-cleared AI-driven system that autonomously adjusts insulin doses based on the unique needs of its user. This enables more frequent and optimal dose adjustments to better manage glucose levels. In addition to the app which handles dosing, d-Nav users are supported by a team of expert clinicians who review patient data and stay in frequent communication. The program has shown patient results, with studies indicating significant reductions in A1c for patients in as early as three months.

Uniting in a dynamic partnership, Hygieia and TempraMed are set to harness their collective strengths, embarking on a mission to revolutionize diabetes management. This collaboration is designed to empower individuals with diabetes, enhancing their health and transforming their daily lives with ease and efficiency.

We are incredibly excited to partner with Hygieia, a collaboration that marks a new chapter in diabetes management,” stated Ron Nagar, CEO of TempraMed, “This partnership represents more than just a cooperation between technologies; it’s a fusion of visions, empowering our customers with an array of transformative tools designed to simplify and enhance their daily lives. We recognize the distinct challenges faced by individuals with diabetes and are confident that this alliance will significantly elevate their ability to manage their condition, safeguard their insulin, and ultimately, elevate their overall well-being.”

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