Insulin may not be Effective Unless it is Stored Properly ; What you need to know

Insulin storage is important to ensure that the insulin stays effective. 
 Insulin that is not being used should be stored in the refrigerator. Any insulin vials that are “in use” can be stored outside of the refrigerator for approximately one month (always check manufacturer product inserts for exact instructions).
Many insulin pens can last outside of the refrigerator for 7-28 days, in some cases even more.(1) Insulin that is cold can produce a more painful injection.
 Avoid exposing insulin products to extreme heat or cold. 
 Insulin is a protein and this makes it subject to degradation, or breakdown when temperatures are too hot or too cold. For a visual on what protein breakdown looks like, just imagine a fried egg that separates in the pan. If traveling, you can consider using insulated travel bags with an ice pack that keeps the insulin from getting too hot. Conversely, if it is winter weather, it is important to keep insulin products from freezing. Additionally, keep insulin products away from direct sunlight. This can also cause a breakdown of the insulin. It is a fact that if insulin becomes damaged from exposure to temperature extremes, it will not be effective, and can lead to serious consequences. (2)
 Any time a patient thinks their insulin may not be effective, I always ask them how they store or carry their insulin products. This can also be true for outdated insulin products, where potency and effectiveness cannot be guaranteed.
    This storage component for insulin is so important , in fact, that the FDA recently took action to ensure that no boxes should be broken up in a package of insulin pens-that insulin pens must be dispensed in their “original boxes” so that instructions for the proper use and storage of insulin are always included.(3)
Products to help keep insulin safe and most of all effective.
It of the utmost importance to treat your insulin as you would any item of value. Don’t throw it in a handbag, locker, or backpack without paying careful attention to keeping it at the proper temperature; away from excessive heat or cold. If you have an icepack too close to your insulin. Don’t butt it right against the vial or pen because it may freeze , which can also denature the protein, and render your insulin less effective or even ineffective. Lastly, do not use insulin past the manufactures intended expiration date.
 Just as new insulins have rapidly been developed, more efficient methods of keeping insulin safe have evolved as well. One new product has now come forward with unique and simple ways to carry insulin products with you, whether it be on short hikes, or to far away destinations.

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Because proper insulin storage is critical, VIVICAP1 uses a revolutionary technology that makes sure your insulin is protected from harmful effects of every day ambient temperatures, that might cause it to lose its effectiveness, providing you peace of mind.
As the journal mentioned, “There is a lack of recent studies, scientific literature, and public information on insulin stability under different storage conditions.”
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With VIVICAP1, you need not worry about accidental exposure of your insulin to extreme ambient temperatures that might damage it.

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