Here's Why You Should Keep Your Insulin Safe

Insulin can go bad but you can’t see it with your eyes. Only after injecting it, you may notice There are stories about people taking bad insulin, and if you’re not careful, you might be one of them.
Everyday, people with diabetes are unaware of the consequences of improper insulin management, and it’s very important to point out that bad insulin isn’t visible to the naked eye.
These can range to a sunny day in the park, a hot summer noon inside the car, and many other everyday situations that, if insulin is not properly taken care of, might cost you a fortune in the near future.

Having said that, here are 3 things you must keep in mind in order to keep your insulin safe:

1. Don’t Allow Insulin To Freeze
This is probably the first thing you should be aware of.
Insulin is very temperature-sensitive and a simple thing such as putting it inside a refrigerator can cause it to go bad and ineffective.
If you’re keeping it in a refrigerator (which we don’t recommend at all) the temperature should be somewhere in between 36° to 46° F (2.2° to 7.8° C).
Any colder than that and you’re 100% guaranteed to use a damaged insulin. Check your refrigerator regularly.
If you see any ice forming inside, set the temperature higher.
2. Don’t Put It Somewhere Hot 
Conversely, you don’t want to put your insulin somewhere hot.
Any temperatures exceeding 86° F or 30° C will damage your insulin.
So when your doctors talk about “room temperature”, make sure that it isn’t higher than the above-mentioned temperature.
Keep your insulin out of direct sunlight exposure.
Avoid putting it near a heater or heating vent.
Don’t leave it inside a car, most especially in the glove compartment.
If you’re out in the park, make sure that your insulin isn’t exposed in direct sunlight as well.
All of these things above will cause insulin to “leak” giving you ineffective insulin that may lead to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

Damaged insulin – the Invisible Enemy

3. Get An Insulin Protector

Last but not the least, this is probably the most important thing you need to have in order for insulin to be kept at its proper temperature.
There are many products out there that promise to do that - from cooling wallets to mini fridges to cooling packs.
However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that your insulin protector should be versatile meaning it can work in any circumstance possible.
VIVICAP1 does just that.
It is the world’s first and only pen cap temperature shield that has been proven and tested to keep external temperatures from spoiling your insulin.
Best of all, since it replaces your insulin pen’s cap, it fits perfectly in your pocket meaning you can bring it with you anywhere you go!
It’s basically a “click and go” product that works the moment you use it.
With VIVICAP1, those 2 reasons above won’t matter now as it makes sure that your insulin is safe even when you are exposed to extreme temperatures.
It also comes with a 3-year Limited End User Warranty* which means any time the device doesn’t work as intended simply send it back to us and we’ll give you another one for free!
And if that’s not enough, 1 VIVICAP1 is bound to last for years!
Think about the amount of money and time you’ll save by using VIVICAP1. And the best thing is, you’ll never have to worry about damaged insulin ever again!

VIVICAP1 is the world’s first and only pen cap temperature shield.

It keeps your insulin free from the harmful effects brought about by external temperatures working for years without need for your attention.
Because proper insulin storage is critical, VIVICAP1 uses a revolutionary technology that makes sure your insulin is protected from harmful effects of every day ambient temperatures, that might cause it to lose its effectiveness, providing you peace of mind.
As the journal mentioned, “There is a lack of recent studies, scientific literature, and public information on insulin stability under different storage conditions.”
Best of all, VIVICAP1 not only fits perfectly in your pocket, it is also extremely easy to use as you can bring it with you anywhere you go!
With VIVICAP1, you need not worry about accidental exposure of your insulin to extreme ambient temperatures that might damage it.

This means whether you're out in the hot sunny weather or in the cold winter day, your insulin stays safe.
So if you want to escape the life-changing effects of bad insulin, and live a life free of worries with a return to normalcy, then proper insulin storage is the only way to go.
And who else can do it better but VIVICAP1.

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