• Your Beverages

    Your Beverages

    There is much written about healthy food choices for patients with diabetes; but it is also equally important to focus on the beverage choices as well. The best and healthiest beverage choice for hydration purposes is, of course, water.  After all, our body is composed of...
  • Diabetes and Covid

    Diabetes and Covid

    With all that is happening with protocols on dealing with COVID-19, it is important to understand why diabetes is a significant risk factor and what can be done to help mitigate that risk if you have diabetes1 - Test blood sugars often, potentially even more frequently...
  • Eat your Fruit!!

    Eat your Fruit!!

    We know that fruit is part of a healthy diet, and as a result of several published studies, the proof is not just in the pudding, but also in the fruits and vegetables.  One such study called the EPIC Heart study, followed over 300,000 participants for...
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