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The New Year is Here

As the year moves forward into January, we all try to make pledges to start the year out by making resolutions to be better.  Everyone has room for improvement, so what do we want to change.  Do you want to eat better and exercise more?  Isnt that what we always say every year?  Sometimes we do make the effort, but does the change really stay in place?    

I would say that it is more of an adjustment to how we think that we often need; not so much what we do.  You see, if you change your way of thinking, you change everything.  This may sound like a lot of doubletalk but let me elaborate: Think about the last time you tried to get into an exercise routine.  You started out at the gym on Monday and by Friday you were back to your old habit of watching a movie or staring at the treadmill instead of using it.  Not a lot of people go all in with the mind set to exercise for an hour every day, for example.  The best way to succeed at goals is to “chip away” at them slowly.   Start by picking two days to commit to working out-and let it be for half hour segments.  Doing things slowly will allow you to adjust to new habits, and more importantly, not be disappointed in yourself for lack of follow through.

We can say we want to do better at getting healthy, but making a list is often overwhelming, especially if the goals we set are not realistic.  So, what should I do to start the New Year out right you may ask??  I would ask you to change your attitude first.  I would ask you to make a list of all things that are right” in your life now.  Do you have great parents or amazing kids??  Are you following your passion at work?  Whatever you are especially thankful for, write it down.  The next thing I would like you to do is to identify someone that could use your help or support.  It could be a co-worker that has come on hard times or a friend with diabetes that could use advice and a shoulder to lean on.  Pledge to help this person in some way, even if its something small.  I gave a friend some winter coats that I no longer wear; I also bought her two months of cable TV because she loves movies.   There are small gestures that can truly change a life, and then watch what happens to yours. 

Next, identify how you would like to change your own life and possibly get healthier so that you can live longer.  Look around at your loved ones and do it for them.  Start with one thing; if you smoke, quit smoking.  If you want to exercise more, try doing something you like, maybe try snowshoeing or just walking the dog. Helping someone else will give you the satisfaction and drive to make your own life better in some way. 

Remember my friends; no long lists are needed to effect positive change.  Share some stories of giving and sharing with us this holiday season.  Change your way of thinking, and then you will ultimately change your life.  Keeping a journal will also help keep you focused-and get to know “yourself” better.  You may be surprised at what you find out.

New Year’s Resolutions 

- Be grateful for the wonderful things I have
- Help someone who is in need
- Choose to stay healthy for those that I love and who love me… (We can help you get there!!!)
- Protect my insulin

      Happy New Year!!


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