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Tips to Alleviate Some Stress and Make the Holidays More Enjoyable

Holiday cheer; it is a common theme of so many holiday cards and movies. The truth is, many people find the holidays particularly stressful for a variety of reasons. There is a lot of rushing around, holiday travel issues, family dynamics, and other reasons we feel stress during this time of year. Finding ways to stay relaxed and alleviate some of that stress will make this season more enjoyable.

Here are some tips to help lift your spirits and have a Happier Holiday Experience:

1. Exercise

Regular exercise will help increase endorphins, which are the hormones that keep our mood elevated. Set aside time for even 15 minutes in a day to take a walk or do some exercising online. There are so many very good free exercise videos that can get the blood flowing !

2. Stay Organized

Make “To Do” lists way in advance. Even if you chip away at the list slowly, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

3. Set aside time for ‘You”

It could be first thing in the morning when everyone is still asleep, enjoying that first cup of coffee reflecting on all the positives in your life. Despite any setbacks or stressors, we can all find things to be grateful for. Read a new book, start a new TV series, and simply let go -even if just for a short while.

4. Connect with loved ones; make that phone call

Call a friend to meet for lunch, or phone a relative you haven’t seen in a while. You will be surprised at how this will affect your overall mood.

5. Pay it Forward

Holidays are a wonderful time to volunteer at a local shelter or hospital. Donations of your time are even more precious than gifts, and will yield dividends for years to come.

6. Feeling down could be a sign of low iron or low Vitamin D levels.

If you haven’t had a physical with blood work recently, consider seeing your health care team. Mood is affected by your overall health.

7. Try to keep blood sugars in range

We all know how we feel when blood sugars are excessively high or low. Keeping blood sugars stable by eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise is key to staying happy and healthy.

8. Be honest with yourself and others.

Don’t succumb to the pressure of having to do it all. Delegate tasks to others, such as bringing a dish to dinner, or cleaning the house, etc. Be honest with those you love, tell them what you need to make the Holidays a success, and accept help. No one is superhuman!

9. Keep a journal

Journaling is a wonderful way to stay in touch with your feelings, and get to know yourself! Writing down thoughts and feelings is a wonderful way to de-stress.

10.Spend time with a pet

Our furry friends just know love, and studies show that time spent with our fur babies allow us to read more. Nothing like a purring kitten in your lap!

11. Allow yourself to be happy in the moment.

Let the house get messy, don’t rush to clean the kitchen, revel in the smiles -live in the moment. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season from our House to Yours!

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