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Traveling with Diabetes

Vacations are a great stress reliever; and even a short few days away can be helpful to calm the mind and “recharge our batteries.” Many people with diabetes have to worry about how to keep insulin cold while traveling. Here are some helpful tips to make your journey safe.

When traveling by air:

  1. Make sure to have your medications/supplies clearly labeled, preferably with a pharmacy label and physician name visible.
  2. Never pack needed medication in checked luggage. Pack them in your insulin cooler travel case. Insulin is unstable with extreme temperature changes as is other injectable medication. In case luggage is lost, you will have no quick access to your medicine if you pack it in checked baggage.
  3. Let airport screeners know you have diabetic supplies in your carry on insulin travel case, when going through security. If you have a pump, there should be no need to “disconnect.”
  4. Most insulin pumps should be fine going through a security scanner. Check with your own pump company to make sure.
  5. Always take extra supplies with you when traveling in the event of delays in travel. I suggest taking an extra week’s work of medication when traveling.
  6. If you are using an insulin pump, it may be affected by sudden changes in air pressure, especially during take-off. This can sometimes cause inaccurate doses of insulin to be delivered. Sometimes a pump manufacturer may suggest disconnecting a pump during take-off. Check with your own health care provider for more explicit instructions.
  7. Don’t forget your ViVi Cap to protect your insulin!!

Some additional tips:

  1. If you are traveling within the US; bring extra prescriptions, if possible, in the event you lose or misplace medication.
  2. Make sure to ask your hotel if there will be a refrigerator available in the room.
  3. If possible, keep any control drugs such as pain medicine always locked in a safe or on your person. Control drugs are more difficult to replace if lost or stolen.
  4. Inform your pharmacist at home that you will be away and see if there are instances in an emergency where they can mail medication to you if necessary.
  5. Make sure to bring an adequate supply of snacks and/or glucose tablets.
  6. Always wear medical ID.
  7. Pack at least one extra glucose meter with you.

Traveling is a wonderful way to relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Being prepared is the best way to avoid any unnecessary stress. Also understand that when you travel, you may at times not have access to the healthiest of foods. Don’t beat yourself up over an occasional blood sugar that seems out of range.

So, pack your bags and enjoy yourself!! Don’t forget your VIVI Cap; and don’t forget to send us pictures!!

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