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Three basic types of foods we consume-and how they can impact blood sugars


Carbohydrates have the greatest impact on blood sugars, as they are turned into sugar in the body relatively quickly.   Carbohydrates generally comprise about 40 percent of a given meal; although some people prefer to limit these to help with blood sugar regulation.  A work of caution here-carbohydrates are often the body’s first choice of fuel during exercise.  I would not eliminate them from the diet but choose carbohydrates that will not impact blood sugars as much-such as complex carbohydrates which include whole grain options.  

Some vegetables have higher carbohydrate values, and can, therefore raise blood sugars more rapidly. Corn, peas, and squash are examples of such starchy veggies.


(about 35 percent of calories)-these are just averages as each person is different based on physical composition, health, etc.)

Protein has a minimal effect on food sugars, but it does have an effect, protein doesn’t raise blood sugars as quickly as simple carbohydrates; it actually takes about 3-4 hours to metabolize protein.  I know what you may be thinking now-“If I add protein to a starchy vegetable like popcorn, for example, will my blood sugar go up more slowly, avoiding possible spikes?”  The answer is yes, adding protein to a starchy food will help slow absorption, and help keep blood sugars stable.

Fats: (about 20 percent of calories)-just estimated averages; should be individualized.

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