TempraMed’s VIVI Cap 1 Can Change the Way People Who Inject Insulin Live their Lives

Published in Medical Device News Magazine

July 16, 2021

TempraMed is creating easy to use, hassle free solutions that save patients lives by protecting them from damaged medications. TempraMed’s products provide the last mile control management for injectable and temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals, helping patients to manage and control their medications, enabling them to live safer and more spontaneous lives.

TempraMed’s recently launched VIVI Cap 1 is an easy-to-use reusable insulin pen cap that keeps diabetes insulin at a safe temperature 24/7 365 days a year, for years on end without need for any user intervention. The product is FDA registered and CE marked. Insulin is a protein that spoils and degrades in the wrong temperature conditions. From the point of manufacturing up until it is used, insulin needs to be kept between 36° to 46°F. During use, insulin does not have to be refrigerated but it should stay below 86°F and should not freeze. Insulin must be protected from such exposure. Injecting insulin that has broken down due to time or temperature, results in poor blood sugar control, and in time can lead to increased dosages and sometimes hospitalization for stabilization.

The VIVI Cap 1 shields insulin in-use from potential temperature damage. Thus, reducing the risk of using damaged insulin and wasting money from discarded insulin that might have been compromised. Mr. Ron Nagar, TempraMed CEO and Founder, stated “After spending years recognizing the endless struggle that people with diabetes have to gain control over blood glucose levels, I noticed that those on insulin, take it for granted that insulin is always the same and at its best. But sadly, that is not the reality, so in order to protect the insulin without adding any hassle we developed this unique device and made it available for all.”

VIVI Cap uses a unique patented combination of special insulation with “self-regenerating” heat absorbing material and control electronics, this enables the device to operate for years without requiring any user attention or handling. There are no power requirements, no charging and no preliminary preparations needed. For people spending their working days outdoors, there has not been an alternative hassle-free solution that can be used every day to protect insulin from spoiling.  


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