Vivi Cap Multi-Model

Keeps your insulin at the exact right temperature, even in extreme heat or cold.  Get back the Spontaneity of going anywere, everywere, worry free. Wozrks with ANY insulin pen and interchangable between pens.

VIVI Cap is designed to give you your freedom back!

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What you get:

1 X VIVI Cap (Fits ALL Insulin Pens)

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Save 35%

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Premium Kit


Upgrade your VIVI Cap experience


What you get:

2 X VIVI Caps (Fits ALL Insulin Pens)

TempraMed’s diabetes organizer

1 Year Extra Warranty

Free Diabetes management guide

Expedited shipping

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2-Year Warranty

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Unpredictable Blood Sugar Levels?
The Hidden Cause Might be Damaged Insulin

Temperature changes can weaken insulin, leading to increased blood sugar and symptoms like headaches, drowsiness, extreme hunger, increased thirst, frequent urination, and blurred vision.

Traditional insulin storage also causes diabetes patients daily frustration, anxiety, and precious time they will never get back.

In addition to the compounding costs of replacing spoiled or damaged insulin…

Dr. Diana Isaacs

ADCES Diabetes Educator of the
 Year 2020

Most people don't realize how fragile insulin is, and how to store it for it to work the most effectively. The VIVI Cap is an incredibly simple solution to ensure that insulin is safe to use and that none of it goes to waste.

Insulin potency when exposed to high heat over 5 days, with and without VIVI Cap 1 (As published in the academic journal see the study here)

Did You Know?

The FDA allows insulin to lose up to 5% potency, even in perfect storage conditions.

In less than perfect conditions the potency loss can be much higher, causing unpredictable swings in blood sugar.

That means your insulin is at the risk of being damaged every day:

Get peace of mind that lower insulin potency will never be the cause of your unstable blood sugar ever again!

Always Stay in the
Safe Zone

Insulin in use should be stored between 68°-86°F (20°-30°C), and should never be allowed to freeze or exposed to direct sunlight.

Real results lead to
Happy Customers

The VIVI Cap is so easy and simple!

I worry the most about my insulin when I'm going with my kids to the beach or the pool, and I have to pack an old school ice pack in my bag and make sure that it is always in the shade. It's just tedious.. With VIVI Cap I simply throw it in my bag and go.. It's so easy!

Protect Your Insulin
And Stay Safe

VIVI Cap protects you and your insulin from damage due to unsafe temperatures and direct light, every day for years.

For every new insulin pen you use, you can replace the pen cap with your VIVI Cap - for immediate protection.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try It, Risk Free.

If you’re not satisfied with our product, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full, 100% hassle-free refund.

Scientifically Proven
To Protect Insulin

In an academic study, the VIVI Cap was scientifically proven to be the best solution that was tested to keep insulin temperature protected once in use.

See the academic study here.

Pfützner et al. ATTD Feb 2018

Potency Test

Proven Ability To Maintain Insulin Potency In
Extreme Heat

Pfützner et al. ATTD Feb 2018

VIVI Cap is scientifically proven to maintain insulin potency when exposed to high heat over 5 days. See the chart comparing insulin potency with and without VIVI Cap.

Thousands of Happy Customers

Thousands of Happy Customers and Counting

and Counting

Insulin Protection Options: With and Without Vivi Cap

Without VIVI Cap

Messy and Inconvenient

Needs Ice (Melts Frequently)

Only Cools a Few Hours

Doesn’t Fit in Small Bags

Insulin Temps Don’t Stay Consistent

With VIVI Cap

No Ice or Cooling Packs

No Refrigeration Needed

No Battery Charging

No Maintenance

Small and Lightweight (60g)

No Fluctuations in Insulin Temp

Protects Against Heat and Cold

Together We Can Change Lives

For every purchase you make, we will donate towards JDRF research, Tempramed are proud to have partnered with the JDRF to join in the fight against Type 1 Diabetes.

How Much Would You Invest To Experience an
Increased Quality of Life?

When you compare your investment with the VIVI Cap to the potential costs in wasted money, effort, and time thattraditional insulin storage has been costing you… then, the choice is simple.

You’ll virtually eliminate the risk of wasting $500+ per year when your insulin would typically spoil, get damaged, or go bad.*

VIVI Cap can potentially save you from additional health costs or hospital visits you may incur if you experience dangerous and unexpectedly high blood sugar levels, due to spoiled insulin.

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Your purchase has purpose! With every order, TempraMed will:

Donate towards the JDRF research, Tempramed are proud to have partnered with the JDRF to join in the fight against T1D.