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About VIVI Cap


About VIVI Cap

VIVI Cap is a small lightweight reusable insulin pen cap.

The product is innovative and unique, easy to use and a real game changer for people with diabetes who use insulin or weight loss medications.

VIVI Cap protects your insulin pen 24/7/365 everywhere and anywhere.

About Viasox

Living with diabetes is hard enough, that is why Viasox aims to provide the highest quality products to help people with diabetes live comfortably. 

They have developed the Viasox Non-Binding diabetic sock, the Diabetic compression socks and the Diabetic ankle socks are game changers in making the lives of PWDs a whole lot better.


Our gummies

Our gummies

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Contains Zero Bad Stuff: 0 GMOs, 0 Gluten, 0 Artificial Flavors, 0 Preservatives

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Fruit flavored Glucose Gummies help boost energy levels.

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Fruit flavored Glucose Gummies help boost energy levels.

100% Gluten-Free

Formula is vegan,gluten-free and containsno artificial colours.


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