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About VIVI Cap


About VIVI Cap

VIVI Cap is a small lightweight reusable insulin pen cap.

The product is innovative and unique, easy to use and a real game changer for people with diabetes who use insulin or weight loss medications.

VIVI Cap protects your insulin pen 24/7/365 everywhere and anywhere.

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About Ginger Vieira

Ginger is a freelance writer and diabetes content specialist.She has 18+ years of experience in producing diabetes, chronic disease, and health-related content, and is a certified cognitive coach with a bachelor's degree in professional writing.

She has authored six books on diabetes and wellness, and has produced content for leading diabetes organizations and platforms, such as Diabetes Mine, Beyond Type 1, Beyond Type 2, T1D Exchange, Omnipod, mySugr, Diabetes Strong, Healthline, and more.


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