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5 Easy Tips To
Help You Keep Your Insulin Safe
Especially During Fall And Winter Seasons

by Susan Sloane
Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

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The Fall festivities, holidays, and Winter months sneak up on us before we know it! This time of the year is where most people find ways to slow down and spend more time doing things they enjoy.

But most people with diabetes aren’t aware their insulin loses potency or is damaged due to Fall and Winter temperature changes. and compromised insulin can lead to unexpected and sudden side effects resulting from fluctuating glucose levels. 

The result could be consequences ranging from increased blood sugar levels to symptoms like headaches, drowsiness, extreme hunger, increased thirst, frequent urination, and blurred vision.

Insulin is also damaged when it is exposed to colder seasons, rough weather conditions, during travel, commutes, outdoor activities, or social events. The risk of damaged or spoiled insulin exponentially increases during busy and festive seasons, and as festivities and travels sneak up on us.

But thankfully, people with diabetes don’t have to sacrifice their freedom or give up their quality of life - even during the Fall breeze and Winter festivities!

Use These 5 Tips To Keep Your Insulin Safe and Potent During Fall Weather Changes, Colder Temperatures, and The Holidays 

(It’s Simpler And Easier Than You Think)

People with diabetes don't have to put up with a lower quality of life anymore, especially during Fall festivities and Holiday activities.

Read on to see how the colder weather impacts your insulin, and the 5 different ways VIVI Cap can help you simplify diabetes and reclaim your freedom all year long.

Tip #1

Maintain Circulation During Colder Weather

Lower physical activity during colder weather could potentially disrupt insulin circulation in your body… and if your physical activity slows down, so does the flow of blood through your system. 

When this happens, it could directly impact insulin circulation - which means your insulin dosage can drastically and suddenly change from Fall, and through Winter.

Thankfully, staying physically active and eating healthy during the slower period of Fall and Winter can help you manage your glucose levels. But VIVI Cap makes it even simpler and easier to take control of your glucose levels, and to protect your insulin - and your dosage - as you learn to manage diabetes with simplicity and ease during Fall and Winter.

Plus you can even take the TSA-Approved, lightweight, easy to carry VIVI Cap with you anywhere, even if you choose to stay active and fit during colder months.

Most people don't realize how fragile insulin is, and how to store it for it to work the most effectively. The VIVI Cap is an incredibly simple solution to ensure that insulin is safe to use and that none of it goes to waste.

Dr. Diana Isaacs

ADCES Diabetes Educator of the Year 2020

Tip #2

Avoid Colds and The Flu

People with diabetes are less resistant to colds and flus, and are at higher-risks of viral infections that come with Fall weather changes and colder months.

When you add in side-effects that come from processed or artificially sweetened medicines, you may also experience increased fluctuations in your glucose levels.

That’s why you’ll need to make sure you wash your hands, get flu shots, and avoid people and situations that could induce infections! Then, keep the VIVI Cap with you to help you stay comfortable and in complete control of your diabetes – even if you’re struggling with a head cold –- because your insulin won’t be compromised even if you’re exposed to infections.

The super insulation technology in VIVI Cap was even tested and used in extreme and high-tech industries, like avionics, cryotherapy, and spacecraft. As a result, the VIVI Cap was shown in studies published in academic journal to help you keep insulin temperatures safe even through fluctuations in weather, flu seasons, freezing temperatures, during travel, or an accidental drop.

Tip #3

Ease The Headaches and Anxieties of Traveling!

Traveling is enjoyable, but it can become stressful for people with diabetes. 

In fact, compounding holiday stress can also have sudden impacts on your body, Insulin, and blood sugar levels (amongst other things). 

A high standard has been maintained throughout the production process of the VIVI Cap, and it requires zero refrigeration, zero maintenance, zero charging, and it lasts for years too – even if you’re airplanes, hotels, and during road trips.

This cap also makes your insulin pen easily portable, so you can enjoy more freedom on trips, without having to worry about compromising or dropping your insulin.

So whether you are a senior citizen worried about keeping up with your grandchildren and their activities, or you travel for work and holidays, or even if you spend a lot of time outdoors or engage in athletic activity… then now is the time to take your freedom back with the help of VIVI Cap.

So... what’s the solution?

In the past, the only options out there were bulky... inconvenient... only protected the insulin for a few hours at a time... or just outright ineffective. Until now.

As one of the biggest recent breakthroughs in insulin management, Israeli company TempraMed invented the VIVI CAP, a first-of-its-kind technology to help people with diabetes safely and conveniently store their insulin on the go.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the beach, and I had my pen in this cooling bag. Today, it seems like it's almost not working at all. This is very symptomatic. Suddenly out of nowhere, it seems to have gone bad. Switching pens helps...but that gets expensive so fast!

Mark Sloane (1TD)

Tip #4

Safeguard Your Insulin Pen

As the winters approach, we can get busy, complacent, or even lazy! In fact, throughout the excitement, hustle and bustle of the changing seasons, it’s more common for people with diabetes to drop their insulin pen, become frustrated about maintenance, or forget to maintain it during the chaos. 

There are increased risks about accidental drops when you’re on-the-go in colder months, or exposed to decreasing temperatures… thankfully, VIVI Cap safeguards your insulin pen and protects it from drops, even if you’re on-the-go and very active ANY time of year.

Let VIVI Cap support you by helping you preserve the quality and potency of insulin, while giving you the peace of mind and comfort knowing that you’re taken care of in advance as the temperatures are changing and dropping.

It’s small, lightweight and will conveniently fit into your pockets, bags, and purses.

It’s always ready to go. It needs no charging, no batteries, nor refrigeration.

It works for years (that’s right - years).

Tip #5

Stay Healthy Without Stretching Your Budget

Upcoming festivities and gift shopping could burn holes in your wallet – what’s even worse is that the cost of a damaged insulin pen is more than $100. This can seriously add up!

Add in the worries of having to visit emergency rooms or DKAs due to extremely low blood sugar levels caused by lowered potency, or ineffectiveness of insulin… and you’re facing $1000s in additional unexpected expenses, which can destroy your peace of mind and sense of security. 

Thankfully, VIVI Cap helps save your hard earned money by ensuring your insulin won’t damage, spoil, freeze, or overheat. Long story short, VIVI Cap is the affordable, long lasting protection that saves you extra expenses – especially during Fall and Winter months.

Since you made it this far down the page - it’s obvious you’re serious about saving money, simplifying diabetes, and maximizing your enjoyment of the Fall and Winter Seasons! ding text.

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