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The simplified yet overlooked ways to use carb counting to help you manage your blood glucose level, without overcomplicating it! (If you take insulin, use our simple method to count carbohydrates easily, and to know how much insulin to take.)

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Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

“As a clinician and clinical investigator concerned about better treatments for diabetes, the VIVI Cap is of particular benefit for my patients who require insulin shots, as the vast majority of patients use insulin pens for their daily injections.”

Dr. Tamborlane

Yale of Pediatric Endocrinology

“Most people don’t realize how fragile insulin is, and how to store it for it to work the most effectively. The VIVI Cap is an incredibly simple solution to ensure that insulin is safe to use and that none of it goes to waste.”

Dr. Diana Isaacs

ADCES Diabetes Educator of the Year 2020

Discover how the VIVI Cap - an FDA and CE registered product - fills the unmet needs of countless people who use temperature-sensitive injectables… and how it helps diabetes patients live their lives in a more relaxed and simplified way.

Get instant access to the simplified, most critical self-care resources you’ll need to keep your body healthy, regulate your blood sugar, and eat more of the foods you love… while balancing your glucose levels at the same time.

At TempraMed, we believe that easy diabetes management starts by “tracking” a specific set of factors, which you’ll need to track religiously! We’ll go over every single one of these factors and dispel common “diabetes myths” inside of your free guide, “Good & Easy Diabetes Management”

Download Your Digital Copy of Good & Easy Diabetes Management Now

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At Tempramed, we are committed to creating easy to use, hassle free solutions that save patients lives by protecting them from damaged medications.

The truth is, everyday pharmaceuticals are injected by hundreds of millions of patients worldwide – however these drugs are temperature sensitive and they might unknowingly be damaged and compromised.

In fact, a single use of compromised medication might have severe consequences on the patient. In some cases, instead of curing… it can actually kill.

At TempraMed we make sure that patients remain safe with undamaged medications. Our technology fosters patient well-being and saves lives—it helps patients manage and control their medications.

The solutions we create for patients, protect them and help them to manage and control their medications, enabling them to live safer and more spontaneous lives.

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