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VIVI Epi: EpiPen® Temperature Shield

Keeps your EpiPen® at the exact right temperature, even in extreme heat or cold. Proven to be the most effective product for EpiPen® temperature protection. Designed to give you your freedom back.


A safe and protected
EpiPen® is a life saver

Epinephrine, the drug inside the EpiPen auto-injector, is sensitive to light and to extreme temperatures and can lose potency if exposed. This can leave you or your child vulnerable to anaphylaxis; a life threatening allergic reaction.

Protect Your EpiPen® and Stay Safe

If you, or your child, have life-threatening allergies, you likely know how important it is to have a working EpiPen® with you everywhere and anywhere.

But do you remember how to store and protect your EpiPen? What if you're going outside in the very extreme cold? What if its hot outside and you leave it in the car?

Finally! There is an easy, no hassle solution that protects your EpiPen® and keeps it safe! The VIVI Epi has been developed with space grade technology to make sure that your EpiPen® does not degrade and will actually be effective if and when you need it.

Super insulation

Always ready to work

No battery to charge

No water or ice needed

Lasts for years

As Seen On

Always Stay in the Safe Zone.

VIVI Epi keeps EpiPen® in the safe zone 24/7/365 - everywhere and anywhere. Keep your EpiPen® safe so it works when you need it. Never take a chance with your EpiPen®- it is not worth the risk!

Get Back Your Freedom and Spontaneity

Take your EpiPen® with you everywhere and anywhere. And keep it protected.


Don’t let allergies stop you from getting in the game


Stay safe on every family vacation


Stay protected in the playground or on a field trip


Your child's EpiPen® should be kept safe - always

Patented Technology Developed For Space

The VIVI Epi is a carrying case designed to keep EpiPens at a safe temperature regardless of the external environment. Its patented technology was developed for space and was clinically validated in scientific trials.

No charging needed -- ever

No need for cooling packs, ice, or refrigeration

Always ready to go (no maintenance needed)

Protects against extreme temperatures, direct light and breakages

Lasts for years

The Ultimate Convenience
and Peace of Mind

Frequent traveler? Commute daily to work?Keep your EpiPen® safe on the road and get peace of mind,without needing a bulky and messy cooling pack.

VIVI Epi is small, discrete and fits in purses, bags,and pockets.

No need for charging or maintenance - it’s always ready to go for 24/7/365 peace of mind!

Hear from Happy Customers

Since my baby had anaphylaxis and was diagnosed with a life-threatning milk allergy I live in fear. The VIVI Epi allows me to leave the house with my EpiPens, knowing that I can go anywhere and keep them protected in any temperature.

Proven Ability to Maintain
Potency in Extreme Heat

VIVI Epi is scientifically proven to maintain the medicine potency when exposed to high heat over 5 days. See the chart comparing the potency with and without VIVI.

Expert Reviews

TempraMed is Backed by Healthcare Professionals

How It Works

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try it, Risk Free.

Our Story

Together We Can
Change Lives

“I founded TempraMed in the belief that people who depend on life saving medications deserve invaluable freedom and simplicity in their lives. The TempraMed patented technology is enabling patients to care for and manage their medications anywhere and everywhere they go. This leads to cost savings and overall better outcomes for all. Thanks to TempraMed thousands of people all over the world are living their lives safely, spontaneously and hassle free”.

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