Finally! Live your life spontaneously.
No more hassles about your insulin storage on the go.

Space age reusable insulin pen cap that protects insulin from extreme temperatures. 


Get your Freedom, Spontaneity and Safety Anywhere 


Don't let your diabetes keep you away from your favorite sport.


Take your insulin with you on a plane, boat or trek.


Fits in your school bag or pocket.


Your insulin is with you at work wherever you need it

Storing Insulin in Use

Insulin in use that is exposed to temperatures above 86° F or below freezing can be damaged and unsafe. This can result in fluctuating glucose levels and can be life threatening.

Super insulation 

The insulation is used in spacecraft, avionics, cryotherapy and other high technology applications

Self Activation heat absorbing

Absorbs heat when its hot and releases it back to the environment

Self Activation heat absorbing

Works anywhere 24/7/365 days for years

No Battery to charge

Monitoring electronics – provides intuitive indication about the drug temperature

No water or ice needed

Protects at the required constant temperature

Dr. Diana Isaacs explains "When my patients tell me tell me things like... 

"My pen loses potency the more I use it"

"I need higher doses
than before"

“I was out all day and my blood glucose levels were unusually high"

"I don't understand my sugar fluctuations"

I know their insulin was not kept in the right temperature" 

So Easy. Just CLICK-N-GO™  


Replace original 

Remove original insulin pen cap and replace it with the VIVI Cap


Push to click 

Push down the insulin pen into the VIVI Cap and Click


You’re good to go! 

Your insulin is protected 24/7/ 365 for years.
Green light for temperature assurance.


Hear from happy customers

Laura Craven

Highly recommended

I was a little skeptical, but I've had trouble carrying Humalog pens with me for use while traveling and eating in restaurants. But this technology actually works to keep the insulin at a safe temperature in my purse, without bulky and melting ice packs. It's convenient and compact. You can put the VIVI cap over a pen needle for even more convenience. They are expensive, yes, but how much will an overheated insulin pen cost you? Highly recommended.

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It works and I Absolutely love it!

I was skeptical about this insulin pen cap but got it anyway because I keep my pen in my diabetes stuff bag and was worried the insulin may get warm. I put my pen in the cap, heard a little click and put it back in the bag. A few hours later that night, I pulled the pen from the cap and it felt cool to the touch. It works and I Absolutely love it!

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Love it, easy and efficient

Discovered this by chance and got it for my recent vacation to Hawaii. It worked perfectly keeping my insulin at safe room temperature even when I was the entire day out at 90+ F. Didn’t had to bother with ice packs that freeze my insulin so often. And when I wasn’t sure about the temperature, i clicked a button on the device and got the green indicator on for few seconds to tell me that I’m good to go. Love it, easy and efficient. I give it a 5 star.

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VIVI Cap’s smart design fits the following Pens 


Recommended by Healthcare Professionals


Scientific & Medical Advisor

"As a clinician and clinical investigator concerned about better treatments for diabetes, the VIVI Cap will be of particular benefit for my patients who require insulin shots, as the vast majority of patients use insulin pens for their daily injections."


Medical Advisor

"Most people don't realize how fragile insulin is, and how to store it for it to work the most effectively. The VIVI Cap is an incredibly simple solution to ensure that insulin is safe to use and that none of it goes to waste"


Medical Advisor

"I was so excited to find the VIVI Cap products. Temperature extremes affect Insulin and once that happens, the blood sugar controls get out of hand. I really think it's a life-saving product. Plus, it's all FDA registered and very easy to use"


Get VIVI Cap 1:
Insulin Temperature Management

  • Scientifically proven to protect insulin from overheating or freezing
  • Works every day for years with no maintenance
  • Simply CLICK-N-GO™
  • Built-in temperature sensor with easy to read temperature indicator
  • Small & lightweight - fits in your purse or pocket
  • No need for water, ice packs, refrigeration or battery charging


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Refillable Version

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