Thermal Insulin Pen Carrying Case
VIVI Cap (Multi-Model): Fits ALL Insulin Pen

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Keeps your insulin at the exact right temperature, even in extreme heat or cold. The new VIVI Cap Multi-Model was designed to give you your freedom back!

The Multi-Model works with ANY insulin pen (including disposable and reusable pens, models like Toujeo®, InPen®, and many more!), so you don’t need to worry if the VIVI Cap will work if your insulin type changes!

  • Small & lightweight
  • Use it daily, without maintenance, for years
  • No batteries, charging, water or ice packs needed!
  • New protective cover for extra protection (use with or without)
  • TSA-Approved

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  • FSA/HSA eligible
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Protect Your Insulin And Stay Safe

VIVI Cap protects you and your insulin from damage due to unsafe temperatures and direct light, every day for years.

For every new insulin pen you use, you can replace the pen cap with your VIVI Cap - for immediate protection.







Patented Technology Developed for Space

Patented Technology Developed for Space

VIVI Cap uses the same technology that was originally developed for spacecraft and avionics.

  • Protects in extreme heat or cold
  • No charging needed (ever)
  • Always ready to go
  • Lasts for years

The Ultimate Convenience and Peace of Mind

Frequent traveler? Commute daily to work? Keep your insulin safe on the road and get peace of mind, without needing a bulky and messy cooling pack.

VIVI Cap is small, discrete and fits in purses, bags, and pockets.

No need for charging or maintenance - it’s always ready to go for 24/7/365 peace of mind!

How Should Insulin Be Stored?

sealed box

Before First Use

All insulin formulations should be stored in a refrigerator at 36° to 46°F (2°-8°C) before use to keep their quality until the expiration date.

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After First Use

Insulin must be stored below 76-86°F (below 24-30°C), but should never be allowed to freeze and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Always Stay in the

Safe Zone

Insulin in use that is exposed to temperatures above 86°F or below freezing can be damaged and unsafe. Injecting damaged insulin can result in fluctuating glucose levels and can be life threatening, or cause unpleasant side effects.

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Scientifically Proven to Protect Insulin

In an academic study, the VIVI Cap was scientifically proven to be the best solution that was tested to keep insulin temperature protected once in use.

VIVI Cap at a glance

Scientifically Validated

VIVI Cap is Backed by Healthcare Professionals

Prof. William V. Tamborlane Chief of Pediatric Endocrinology -
Yale School of Medicine
As a clinician and clinical investigator concerned about better treatments for diabetes, the VIVI Cap is of particular benefit for my patients who require insulin shots, as the vast majority of patients use insulin pens for their daily injections.
Dr. Diana Isaacs ADCES Diabetes Educator
of the Year 2020
Most people don't realize how fragile insulin is, and how to store it for it to work the most effectively. The VIVI Cap is an incredibly simple solution to ensure that insulin is safe to use and that none of it goes to waste
Dr. Susan B. Sloane Pharmacist, Diabetes Care and
Education Specialist
I was so excited to find the VIVI Cap products. Temperature extremes affect Insulin and once that happens, the blood sugar controls get out of hand. I really think it's a life-saving product. Plus, it's all FDA registered and very easy to use.

Pfützner et al. ATTD Feb 2018

(As published in the academic journal see the study here)


Proven Ability To Protect From Extreme High or Low Temperatures

Pfützner et al. ATTD Feb 2018

Did You Know: The FDA allows insulin to lose up to 5% potency, even in perfect storage conditions.

In less than perfect conditions the potency loss can be much higher, causing unpredictable swings in blood sugar.

VIVI Cap is scientifically proven to protect insulin when exposed to high heat over 5 days. See the chart comparing insulin potency with and without VIVI Cap

(As published in the academic journal see the study here)

Get Back Your Freedom and Spontaneity

Never cancel or change plans because of anxiety around insulin storage. VIVI Cap is always ready to go, and doesn't need charging or maintenance!

Don't let your diabetes keep you away from your favorite sport.
Take your insulin with you on a plane, boat or hike.
Your insulin is with you at work; wherever and whenever you need it.

Insulin Protection Options:
With and Without VIVI Cap

Without VIVI Cap
  • Needs Ice (Melts Frequently)
  • Messy and Inconvenient
  • Only Cools a Few Hours
  • Doesn’t Fit in Small Bags
  • Insulin Temps Don’t Stay Consistent
without vivi cap without vivi cap
With VIVI Cap
  • No Ice or Cooling Packs
  • No Refrigeration Needed
  • No Battery Charging
  • No Maintenance
  • Small and Lightweight (60g)
  • No Fluctuations in Insulin Temp
  • Protects Against Heat and Cold
vivi cap vivi cap

Together We Can Change Lives

After 20+ years alongside people with diabetes, Iwe realized how they struggle to control their glucose levels, Iwe developed this space grade technology to protect people and their insulin from temperature damage.

Ron Nagar, Founder & CEO
Ron Nagar Founder & CEO
Ilan Cohen Chairman

VIVI Cap lovers

Hear from Happy Customers

Mark Sloane, T1D
The best thing for me!
Whether working out at home, or at the gym, the VIVI CAP is a must have to keep my insulin at a controlled temperature. Don’t leave the house without it!! Highly recommended to anyone who needs to keep their insulin in the car or even in a hot gym locker for hours at a time!
Aviva Domein, T1D
Great invention
When there are extreme heat waves here in my country, the VIVI Cap just saves me! It helps me keep my insulin at a normal temperature. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions


VIVI Cap uses a unique patented combination of special insulation with “self-regenerating” heat absorbing material and control electronics. Due to the “self-regenerated” heat absorbing material, the device operates for years without requiring any user attention or handling. There are no power requirements, no charging or batteries and no preliminary preparations needed.

VIVI Cap doesn’t have to be placed in the fridge. It automatically absorbs the excess heat, releasing it to the environment when ambient temperature is normal.

VIVI Cap has successfully passed performance tests and the results were published in Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 2017 Jun;14(6):709-714.
VIVI Cap is FDA and CE Registered.

The green light when pushed is your reassurance that your insulin has been safely stored at the correct temperature. The light should stay on for just a few seconds enough time for you to observe the color of the indicator while preserving battery life. This assures that you will be able to use your VIVI Cap for many years to come.

Insulin in use that is exposed to temperatures above 86°F or below freezing can be damaged and spoiled. Damaged insulin is not visible to the naked eye.

This can result in fluctuating glucose levels and can be life threatening causing
-Blood glucose fluctuations
-Increased insulin dosages
-Risk of hypoglycemia

Only 2 oz (60g)! Easily fits in your pocket, purse or bag.

VIVI Cap fits ALL insulin pens!
VIVI Cap is interchangeable and can be switched between different insulin pens.

Yes! VIVI Cap is HSA and FSA eligible.

While it is not advised to leave the needle attached to the pen after injection, the needle will fit in the VIVI Cap.

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